Established in 2006 by the famous trio as a coalition of culturally diverse groups,   organisations and individuals, THE TRIPOD is the largest serving multicultural, multipurpose, multifaceted, non-profit educational organization in Eddies dedicated to the promotion of multiculturalism, anti-racism, education and human rights. THE TRIPOD advocates advancement of cross-cultural understanding and harmony through its three pillars- devotion, affection and education.

THE TRIPOD liaises with the other societies of the college in organising community-based, cross-cultural, public education programs along with several theme nights in the CR to bring people together. The Society has recently acquired a bike which it lends to its members for free! It is also planning to offer free computers to its members in near future. THE TRIPOD sponsors educational and recreational activities that address contemporary diversity and multicultural issues via workshops, salsa nights, seminars, dialogues and presentations that are open to the public.

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